Apology Letter

Dear Donna K. Lilly:

We’ve looked into your order of #502-3385779-9590624Monoi Tiare Tahiti(Gardenia)Bar Soap, 4.6 oz. three 4-ounce bottles of coconut oil, Monoi Coco (Natural Coconut Oil), Monoi Pitate (Coconut Oil w/Jasmine), and Monoi Santal (Coconut Oil w/Sandalwood) and #502-8112203-6442608(Coconut Oil w/ Gardenia). Secondly, thanks for letting us know about the error so quickly.

Our technical team has informed us that while using EasyPay, customer account statements have shown multiple orders, but no extra chargers where made towards your account. The invoice record is accurate for reading $58.88.

I’m sorry for the confusion this caused. Our accounting department has been reminded of the arrangement, and I can assure you that this won’t happen again.


Harry Potter



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