Professional Plan

Kim Simonetti
Paths to Innovation
December 8, 2013
Matt Mayberry

                                                Near- term Professional Plan

1)      To own my own electrical company that not only helps the customers, but is seen as a family that reaches out to the community is the type of career I strive to achieve. With my strengths being working with the community, knowledge of my field, and perseverance, my career interest should be successful. I hope to achieve good grades in my courses, while reaching out to all the opportunities I can to network myself properly. To work as an Residents Assistant would be the ideal opportunity, that both challenges me and benefits me in the end.

2)      I need to build on my resume more by increasing my work with the community, and getting employed so I have more work history. By achieving these two things I will be able to network myself more.

3)      My objectives for academic courses are to attend every class, make sure to do all my assignments so I stay focused on my long-term goal.  I need to also increase my extracurricular activities that show how I can be a leader and be able to help others, the things I want to do when owning my business.  I would like to join/be a part of the Poultney 20/20 initiative and be more involved in the community, maybe even if a local electrician needs an apprentice.

4)      A. I will need to complete all my courses and retain what my professors tell me in order to succeed. During my next 2 years at college, I plan on working at the dining hall or somewhere similar. Once I graduate I will consider calling Bruce Whear from Wire 4 Hire for a job as an electrical apprentice.

B.  January 2014- May 2016 work part time jobs on/off campus for the work experience.

January 2014- Start looking into the community for community service projects needed by the town.

May 2014- When I get home for the summer, network myself with electricians to get my name out there for when I graduate. Look for business related jobs so I can see how business owners run their businesses.

June 2014- Continue working as a lifeguard for the summers of college- steady job, going on 3 years working there.


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